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Stan Kogutyak - Razors Cult Street White

Stan Kogutyak – Razors Cult Street White

Razors recently released the Cult Street White and here Stan Kogutyak promotes the new model for French distribution company Deviance. The skate has gained quite a following since it dropped due to the simple-yet-stylish design and the same can be said about this guy’s blading....
Ray Kronenberg - On The Come Up

Ray Kronenberg – On The Come Up

Ray Kronenberg is probably a name that is still fresh in your mind thanks to the exceptional promotional video he created for the Razors Cult White that dropped last month. The black and white product push was not only a great and varied performance from...
Razors - The 2017 Cult White with Ray Kronenberg

Razors – The 2017 Cult White with Ray Kronenberg

Razors have unleashed a hell of a promo for their forthcoming 2017 Cult White skate featuring team rider Ray Kronenberg. This guy has been killing it for a while now but this is potentially one of the best sections he has produced to date. Forget...
Video: BLC - Hunter Grimm

Video: BLC – Hunter Grimm

Hunter Grimm emerges with some new content that consists of footage he filmed before having surgery on his knee. The edit is incredibly short but packed with goodness. The 360 porn was juicy! Hopefully, now that Ant Medina is moving to Colorado soon to join...
Video: Razors SL-3

Video: Razors SL-3

Razors have released a promo for the new SL-3 skate featuring some of their team putting the grey blades through their paces. There are some great clips from Alex Burston, Josh Glowicki, Jon Fromm and more, but… Brian Weis‘ clips certainly steal the show as...
Video: Jeph Howard - MN Razors Tapes

Video: Jeph Howard – MN Razors Tapes

Razors pro rider Jeph Howard has released his VOD section for free because, you know, he’s nice like that. The video documents the Minnesota native’s last few months in his home city before moving to Portland, Oregon. There are some serious hammers in this section,...
Video: Razors BCN 2016

Video: Razors BCN 2016

Razors are back with more European action in the form of a trip to Barcelona featuring some of the brand’s up and coming riders. Fan favourites Josh Glowicki and Mathias Silhan are joined by Jon Matter, Nicolas Auroux, Victor Daum and Victor Legrand for an...
Video: Brian Weis - WS Selects B Roll

Video: Brian Weis – WS Selects B Roll

Brian Weis‘ exceptional Wheel Scene Selects section dropped last week and now you can watch some of the outtakes from the filming missions he went on with Ant Medina in various cities throughout Texas. As you can see, Brian took some pretty brutal falls but...
Video: Yuri Botelho 2015

Video: Yuri Botelho 2015

Razors have unleashed a new part featuring professional team rider Yuri Botelho and he clearly put a lot of work into this one. Filmed in various cities across Europe, this edit has it all. The full cab truespin negative misfit was unexpected! The video was...
Video: Jarrod Banning - Razors 2015

Video: Jarrod Banning – Razors 2015

Razors have dropped a new section featuring one of their latest additions Jarrod Banning. It would seem that the scene in Texas is stronger than ever (guess what is coming next) and many of the state’s best riders are on Razors, with Banning following on...
Video: Razors Tapes Spring Break

Video: Razors Tapes Spring Break

Wanna see what happened when some of the Razors team hit up Florida for the 9th annual Pow Wow? Well, today is your lucky day. With sections from Jeph Howard, Howie Bennett, Jarrod Banning, Shane McClay and more, this is a essentially a free tour...
Video: Josh Glowicki - 2015

Video: Josh Glowicki – 2015

Razors have just uploaded a fresh Josh Glowicki part and it is a Christmas Eve delight you do not want to miss. The Texas native can be seen smashing some prime spots in Malaga, Paris and Texas and beyond. The fishbrain to fakie to fishbrain...