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Video: Montre Livingston Vibralux VOD B-Roll

Video: Montre Livingston Vibralux VOD B-Roll

Vibralux have kindly uploaded the B-roll (or B-role) from Montre Livingston‘s Trail Of Beers VOD and we strongly recommend you check it out. Watch the thrills, spills and interactions with the public in this 38-minute video. The video was filmed and edited by Adam Johnson....
Montre Livingston Vibralux Trail Of Beers Out Now

Montre Livingston Vibralux Trail Of Beers Out Now

Off the back of being hyped about the recent release of The Cayenne Project, it’s time to get swept away all over again over Montre Livingston‘s Vibralux VOD section, aptly titled Trail Of Beers. This is the seventh installment in Vibralux’s exceptional VOD series that...
Firsts: Montre Livingston

Firsts: Montre Livingston

Montre Livingston has squeezed a lot into the past ten years. We were first introduced to him via Doug Urquhart’s epic rollerblading film Black Market in 2005, which was coincidentally Livingston’s first ever blading tour. Since that time he has produced seminal parts in the...
Why We're Hyped For State Of The Art

Why We’re Hyped For State Of The Art

Jonas Hansson’s latest video, State Of The Art, drops next month and there are plenty of reasons to believe it could be the next seminal blading release. Danish blading video auteur Jonas Hansson is set to release his new film, State Of The Art, next...
Video: Montre Livingston - Sayword4never

Video: Montre Livingston – Sayword4never

Kenny Owens has uploaded Montre Livingston‘s section from the video that never was, Say Word 4. If you have seen any of the videos in this series, you will know that Livingston and Owens always join forces to produce goods of the highest qualities. If...
Video: Montre Livingston Pro Skate

Video: Montre Livingston Pro Skate

USD Skates have FINALLY released a promotional video for the Montre Livingston pro skate The 360 grind variations on the steep, rough-looking ledge were absolutely textbook perfect and the 540 over the rail at the end was just classic Montre. The video was filmed and...
Vibralux Visits Detroit

Vibralux Visits Detroit

Vibralux have uploaded an edit they filmed while visiting Detroit for Motor Town Classic. The cast includes Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer and latest addition to the team Montre Livingston, and features a mixture of street and trash park blading. Oh, and it has Eminem. Everyone...
Video: GIB Sweden Sessions - Zero One Six Skatepark

Video: GIB Sweden Sessions – Zero One Six Skatepark

A nice black and white video has popped online featuring Swedish locals and some of the world’s top professionals skating at Zero One Six Skatepark in Eskilstuna. The edit features nice blading from Fredrik Andersson, Montre Livingston, Robert Guerrero, Artiz Ortega and many more. This looks...
Video: BG - 2015

Video: BG – 2015

It appears that a new Blader Gang montage has been thrust upon us by the fine folks at 9-to-5 Digi Media, aka Erick Rodriguez and friends. Complete with shots of bling, smoking weed and what appears to be Skid Row in Los Angeles, this video...
USD & Xsjado Istanbul Tour 2015 Now Online

USD & Xsjado Istanbul Tour 2015 Now Online

Istanbul Tour 2015, featuring members of the USD and Xsjado teams, is now online in all of its eight-minute-plus glory! Watch Montre Livingston, Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Chris Farmer and Richie Eisler astound local bladers and onlookers alike. Our favourite part is probably when Richie...
Video: USD & Xsjado - Istanbul Tour 2015

Video: USD & Xsjado – Istanbul Tour 2015

USD Skates have released a trailer for the forthcoming USD and Xsjado video Istanbul Tour 2015. Apparently it will be ten minutes long and feature blading from Nick Lomax, Montre Livingston, Chris Farmer, Richie Eisler and Eugen Enin. Sounds like an all-star cast to us!...
Video: Don't Wake The Dreamer

Video: Don’t Wake The Dreamer

Earlier this year, Texas-based videographer Anthony Medina spent several months in Europe and here is a short video showing some of the incredible blading that happened during this adventure. There is some brilliant footage of Scott Quinn, Josh Glowicki, Richie Eisler, Fredrik Andersson, Montre Livingston...