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Many Revolutions - Leon Humphries

Many Revolutions – Leon Humphries

Leon Humphries continues his productive streak by releasing YET ANOTHER section, this time it’s his part from the London scene video Many Revolutions. One of the biggest appeals about Humphries’ blading is that he always tried to add as much variation to his sections as...
Seis De Bastos - Leon Humphries

Seis De Bastos – Leon Humphries

Marc Moreno has uploaded a section from his latest full-length video Seis De Bastos and it comes in the form of a seven-minute magnum opus of Leon Humphries. To be honest, there is enough footage here to make two sections and it almost serves as...
Video: Leon Humphries - Day and Night

Video: Leon Humphries – Day and Night

Leon Humphries has produced a lot of sections this year, including an epic part in Seis De Bastos, but here he is again with another profile that clocks in at over seven minutes’ long. The London native obviously put a lot of work into this...
Video: Loco - Leon Unseen

Video: Loco – Leon Unseen

Leon Humphries has uploaded a short video featuring the last clips we are likely to see of him riding on SSM skates. He can now be found cruising the streets on Valo V13 boots and has decided to dedicate this footage that threatened to go...
Video: Leon Humphries - Loco Skates

Video: Leon Humphries – Loco Skates

Leon Humphries has released a new section filmed on the streets of London and dedicated to shop sponsor Loco Skates. Some of it harks back to when he was still riding for SSM and more recent footage features the OG riding a pair of Valo...
Video: LocoSkates at Winterclash 2016

Video: LocoSkates at Winterclash 2016

LocoSkates have released a video documenting some of the team in action at Winterclash 2016 in Eindhoven, Holland. Leon Humphries took a break from working on Many Revolutions to lace some creative lines and Joe Atkinson looked like he was storming around the course and...
Video: Many Revolutions Teaser

Video: Many Revolutions Teaser

The trailer for the forthcoming London scene video Many Revolutions is now online. It looks like it will feature sections on Leon Humphries, Rob Glanville, James Bower and more. The video was filmed and edited by Leon Humphries and Tom Sharman. Read our Firsts with...
Video: SEIS DE BASTOS Trailer

Video: SEIS DE BASTOS Trailer

The trailer for the mysterious Seis De Bastos has appeared online after it was teased yesterday by Marc Moreno via Instagram and this looks like it could be pretty special. We don’t know very much about the project at the moment, other than the stellar...
Video: BHC Hooligans

Video: BHC Hooligans

BHC are back with another edit featuring many of their team riders mobbing around Europe. There are some nice clips from Albert Hooi, Alex Burston, Mathias Silhan, Dano Gorman, Leon Humphries, Carson Starnes and many more. The video was filmed and edited by Albert Hooi,...
Video: SSM - Bloodline - We Bleed Black

Video: SSM – Bloodline – We Bleed Black

SSM have released a new edit to promote the black edition of their Bloodline skate entitled We Bleed Black. The montage features Chris Dafick, Brian Weis, Marc Moreno, Miguel Ramos, Leon Humphries and many more. It’s been a while since we have seen a fresh...
Best of 2014: UK Professional Sections

Best of 2014: UK Professional Sections

The UK might not have the largest pool of professional bladers in the world but we certainly have some of the hardest working. 2014 was blessed with a large number of highly entertaining online edits – the majority of which were admittedly provided by Nick...
Video: Leon Shaped

Video: Leon Shaped

Leon Humphries has been on a stellar run this year with online content and it continues with this new little gem entitled Leon Shaped. Once you get past the fact that there is no music to get you pumped on Leon’s signature style, you noticed...