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Joe Atkinson - Suited & Booted

Joe Atkinson – Suited & Booted

If you haven’t purchased Joe Atkinson’s ¬†Sydney VOD yet, well, you are a complete idiot, but Dom West has chosen to overlook this sinful behaviour and provided the bonus video – Suited & Booted – for free. This short but beautifully put together section features...
Joe Atkinson x Sydney Teaser

Joe Atkinson x Sydney Teaser

Joe Atkinson has taken a break from his exceptional run of contest performances to visit some friends in Australia and put together a street section that a lot of people are going to be excited for. It has been three years since Joe Atkinson’s last...
Video: NASS 2016

Video: NASS 2016

NASS 2016 only took place a couple of days ago, but the boys over at Slaptap have already created a highlight video for the world to see some of the action that took place. There is some action from the ghetto park competition and pro...
Video: GC Agenda Tour

Video: GC Agenda Tour

Ground Control just unleashed a very enjoyable tour video featuring some of your favourite skaters…if you have any taste. An epic cast consisting of Alex Burston, Scott Quinn, Mathias Silhan, Korey Waikiki, Joe Atkinson and Keaton Newsom storm through Berlin and Nuremberg in Germany and...
Video: Diana Ross - Upside Down (Best Extreme Freestyle)

Video: Diana Ross – Upside Down (Best Extreme Freestyle)

Joe Atkinson recently visited Unit 23 Skatepark in Scotland and here he can be seen riding the Go Faster bowl with skatepark resident and sponsored BMX rider Jason Phelan. Joe and Jay carve the place up to the classic Diana Ross track Upside Down and...
Video: LocoSkates at Winterclash 2016

Video: LocoSkates at Winterclash 2016

LocoSkates have released a video documenting some of the team in action at Winterclash 2016 in Eindhoven, Holland. Leon Humphries took a break from working on Many Revolutions to lace some creative lines and Joe Atkinson looked like he was storming around the course and...
Why We're Hyped For State Of The Art

Why We’re Hyped For State Of The Art

Jonas Hansson’s latest video, State Of The Art, drops next month and there are plenty of reasons to believe it could be the next seminal blading release. Danish blading video auteur Jonas Hansson is set to release his new film, State Of The Art, next...
Video: Ground Control - City Missions BCN 2015

Video: Ground Control – City Missions BCN 2015

Ground Control have finally got round to releasing their Big Frame promo that was filmed in Barcelona at the start of this year. With an exceptional cast consisting of Scott Quinn, Alex Burston, Joe Atkinson, Yuri Botelho, Josh Glowicki and more, it’s safe to say...
Video: Joe Atkinson - Blacklisted

Video: Joe Atkinson – Blacklisted

As you probably know by now, Joe Atkinson is on the Ground Control team and here is a cheeky little Blacklisted number to make it official. The Yorkshire lad can be seen cruising a mammoth-looking concrete bowl and pretty much doing whatever the hell he...
Video: Blading Cup 2015

Video: Blading Cup 2015

A video has surfaced online giving the most in-depth look at Blading Cup 2015 so far. The seminal blading event, held in downtown Santa Ana, attracted the likes of CJ Wellsmore, Alex Broskow, Sean Darst, Joe Atkinson and many more this year. It looked like...
Video: NASS 2015 Inline Highlights

Video: NASS 2015 Inline Highlights

Another summer brings with it another NASS and here are some of the best bits. Watch Eito Yasutoko slaughter the vert ramp, CJ Wellsmore, Nick Lomax and Joe Atkinson kill the street course, and Dan Collins land a monstrous royale to drop in for best...
Lemon Cake: Confessions of a Pro Blader's PA

Lemon Cake: Confessions of a Pro Blader’s PA

Every blading community operates thanks to synergy. It takes the work of many people to build a scene and maintain it. If you merely look at the surface of the blading industry, all people normally recognise are skaters, companies and, in a few instances, filmmakers,...