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Alex Burston - Elite Series No. 5

Alex Burston – Elite Series No. 5

Jonas Hansson continues his exceptional Elite Series with a fifth instalment featuring Alex Burston. Back in 2012 we got an indication of the sheer scale of Alex Burston’s ability when the Ground Control team video GC.1 dropped and the world discovered that the relative newcomer...
Avalancha Trailer

Avalancha Trailer

Two years in the making, the trailer for Avalancha is now upon us and it looks like the finished product is not too far away. Marc Moreno‘s follow up to Seis De Bastos, the video features the exceptional skills of Adriá Saa, Alex Burston, Chris Dafick,...
Razors Tapes - Amusement Français

Razors Tapes – Amusement Français

Razors follow up their Shift team promo with more footage from France courtesy of team rider Jeph Howard‘s camera. For the most part it’s just a bunch of messing around and b-roll footage, which kicks off with over two minutes of footage showing Jeph Howard...
MCR Video - Alex Burston

MCR Video – Alex Burston

You can now enjoy the gritty and grimy Alex Burston section from the MCR Video. The Stockport lad was pretty unlucky with injuries last year, but it looks like 2017 is going to be a more positive year for him and we can expect more...
Alex Burston in Amsterdam

Alex Burston in Amsterdam

Loco Skates rider Alex Burston comes through with some fresh clips from his recent trip to Amsterdam before Winterclash and it’s as ice cold as the bitter looking conditions suggest. The action takes place on the streets, on a boat, in an underground carpark and...
Alex Burston - Burst Blog

Alex Burston – Burst Blog

Alex Burston has released the first in what is series to be a regular online video blogs. First Nick Lomax, now Alex Burston, is 2017 the year of the pro skater video blog? The action kicks off with a trip to Bristol to visit BHC...
Video: Alex Burston - Loco Skates 2016

Video: Alex Burston – Loco Skates 2016

Alex Burston has been struggling with injury this year, but he’s back and here are a few clips from this year for shop sponsor Loco Skates. You may recognise some of the footage from the Razors SL Red promo, but there are a few new...
Video: Razors SL-3

Video: Razors SL-3

Razors have released a promo for the new SL-3 skate featuring some of their team putting the grey blades through their paces. There are some great clips from Alex Burston, Josh Glowicki, Jon Fromm and more, but… Brian Weis‘ clips certainly steal the show as...
Video: NASS 2016

Video: NASS 2016

NASS 2016 only took place a couple of days ago, but the boys over at Slaptap have already created a highlight video for the world to see some of the action that took place. There is some action from the ghetto park competition and pro...
Video: GC Agenda Tour

Video: GC Agenda Tour

Ground Control just unleashed a very enjoyable tour video featuring some of your favourite skaters…if you have any taste. An epic cast consisting of Alex Burston, Scott Quinn, Mathias Silhan, Korey Waikiki, Joe Atkinson and Keaton Newsom storm through Berlin and Nuremberg in Germany and...
Video: Alex Burston - Days And Nights In London

Video: Alex Burston – Days And Nights In London

You can now watch Alex Burston‘s recent VOD for The Booted for free. The action takes place mainly at night on the streets of London. Considering the weather tried its best to sabotage their filming missions, Burston still came through with plenty of great tricks...
MCR Video Individual Sections Now Available

MCR Video Individual Sections Now Available

You can now purchase individual sections from Alex Burston‘s MCR Video for just £1. We STRONGLY recommend you get Matty Vella‘s section because it is pretty much incredible from start to finish and it holds its own against great performances from Elliot Stevens and Alex...