USD VII Roman Abrate Pro Skate

USD VII Roman Abrate Pro Skate

After years of competition wins and promotional edits, Roman Abrate‘s hard work has paid off and USD have rewarded him with his debut pro skate. It’s a pretty short promo that looks as if it was filmed in one afternoon down the local concrete skatepark,...
Keaton Newsom - Farewell

Keaton Newsom – Farewell

The last footage filmed of Keaton Newsom has made its way online thanks to the fine folks at The ComeDown. There are some beautiful tricks in here, including a smooth inspin soul his trademark fishbrains. Also, that fast tap 270 back unity was nice! The...
Grant Hazelton 2017

Grant Hazelton 2017

We are big fans of Grant Hazelton‘s blading, so imagine our delight when we discovered he has released a video featuring new footage less than 24 hours ago! Backslides both ways and flowing locks for days! The last trick in this looks so good for...
RecSquaa Barcelona

RecSquaa Barcelona

Bank keep the fresh video content coming with a new piece documenting some of the London crew’s holiday to Barcelona from last year. There is some park skating, and a little bit of street, from Leon Humphries, Neil Ingall, Matt Chilvers, Danny Atkinson and Ian Gallais. Kinda...
Park Life - Elliot Provan

Park Life – Elliot Provan

For the latest edition of Park Life, we enlisted the skills of Renfrewshire’s Elliot Provan. We are currently working on Elliot’s section for the Wheel Scene video, but we had to put all street skating plans on hold when Scotland’s winter took over. As a...
Oscar Sosa - USD 2018

Oscar Sosa – USD 2018

USD rider Oscar Sosa has dropped his first section of 2018 and he has crammed some serious stunts in there. The alley-oop soul full cab out on the drop ledge and the massive 180 at the end were personal highlights. You know you’re doing something...
Vine St: Chapter II - Craig Brocklehurst & Cam Wesson

Vine St: Chapter II – Craig Brocklehurst & Cam Wesson

Another section from Vine St: Chapter II is now available for your viewing pleasure and it’s the split part featuring Craig Brocklehurst and Cam Wesson. Both are stylish in their own right, with Craig Brocklehurst lacing a perfect back sav on the bumpy coping at...
Dead Wheels - Champagne Free This Weekend

Dead Wheels – Champagne Free This Weekend

The Dead Wheels team video Champagne is currently online for free this weekend. If you didn’t pick this up when it first came out, now is your chance to see excellent sections from David Sizemore, Chris Farmer and an Alex Broskow part that is so...
Russell Day - Star Shopping

Russell Day – Star Shopping

Fresh off the back of his section in the Adapt Team Movie, Russell Day returns with more street footage. We are guessing some of this is pretty old because Matt Smith can be seen filming in some of the clips and that footage appeared in...
XCCV B7 Memories

XCCV B7 Memories

If this latest video is anything to go by, it looks like Bobi Spassov is cultivating quite a scene in his local area in Israel. The video features Eve Jovino, Bar Erez, Yair Viner, Daniel Deitch, Shelly Burla, Theodore Vojik and Bobi Spassov. The video was...
Alex Burston - Elite Series No. 5

Alex Burston – Elite Series No. 5

Jonas Hansson continues his exceptional Elite Series with a fifth instalment featuring Alex Burston. Back in 2012 we got an indication of the sheer scale of Alex Burston’s ability when the Ground Control team video GC.1 dropped and the world discovered that the relative newcomer...
Joey Lunger - Night Edit

Joey Lunger – Night Edit

Joey Lunger appears in a new video for boot sponsor USD Skates that is filmed exclusively at night. Lunger has been making waves since moving out to California, swapping his Xsjados for a pair of USD Aeons, appearing in Feet 4 and a stack of...