Razors Cream - Stefan Brandow

Razors Cream – Stefan Brandow

Razors definitely seem to be cashing in on nostalgia recently, releasing yet another old model with a facelift, this time bringing back the classic Cream model. Stefan Brandow puts the updated iconic skate through it’s paces with a bunch of gaps, grinds and gaps to...


Some of Team Rollerblade were recently in Atlanta, Georgia, hitting up various street spots as you can see from this new video. There are some great tricks from Cameron Talbott, who drops a combo we have never seen before, as well as some minimalist gems...
Perspectives - Scott Crawford

Perspectives – Scott Crawford

Australia has an incredible rollerblading heritage and Scott Crawford, one of the forefathers of the nation’s scene, features in a new video celebrating that rich history. Crawford was an active part of the competition circuit during what was arguably blading’s most exciting period, with incredible...
Delfon Dio - Andros Island

Delfon Dio – Andros Island

Another section from the exceptional Delfon Dio has made its way online for your to feast your eyes upon. This time the action takes place at one of the most picturesque skateparks we have ever seen, located on Andros in Greece. The epic transitions get...
Sean Keane - 4 Days in Seattle

Sean Keane – 4 Days in Seattle

Sean Keane‘s last section is still getting some heavy rotation and he’s already back with another one to melt your mind all over again. It’s less than two minutes long but there are so many original and creative tricks crammed in here. The front wheel...


Themgoods continue the promotional push for their new wheel line, simply called Them, with an oh-too-short video featuring great bladers old and new. Kruise Sapstein can be seen alongside former Valo pro Brandon Smith and Themgoods mastermind Jon Julio. Life Plus’ Drew Bachrach even makes...
Troy Maimone - Skatepark Edit 2017

Troy Maimone – Skatepark Edit 2017

It feels like John Sullivan only dropped his skatepark edit yesterday and now fellow Texan Troy Maimone brings another transition-based banger. One thing is for certain; this guy is smooth as silk and can seemingly link together lines of tricks for days. There were also some...
The 2017 Colorado Road Trip

The 2017 Colorado Road Trip

The legendary Colorado Road Trip took place once again and this video documents some of the action. There are some great clips from Michael Garlinghouse, who we don’t see too much of these days, as well as Jeremy Spira, Trevor Tylosky and some masterclass blading...
Champagne - Intro

Champagne – Intro

You can now watch the introduction from Dead Wheels‘ exceptional debut team video Champagne online via the power of YouTube. Arguably one of the most elite teams in modern blading, consisting of Alex Broskow, David Sizemore and Chris Farmer, give you a cheeky little taste...
On A Roll Is Dead Teaser

On A Roll Is Dead Teaser

A new teaser has appeared online for the blading video game On A Roll and it announces the release date as August 31. I love the way the creators take aim at their detractors, naming and shaming individuals who believed the long-awaited game would never...
Sam Crofts on USD VII

Sam Crofts on USD VII

USD Skates have enlisted the services of team rider Sam Crofts to create a promo for the USD VII skate and the stuntman takes to Mile End Skatepark in London to show he has more to him than burly stunts. It’s incredibly short but features...
John Sullivan - Skatepark Edit 2017

John Sullivan – Skatepark Edit 2017

One of Texas’ longest standing blading ambassadors John Sullivan is back once again with a new section and this one takes place exclusively within the boundaries of skateparks. We have been watching him tapdancing and truespinning on street for years, but he has swapped ledges...