Nomadeshop California Tour 2017

Nomadeshop California Tour 2017

Take a brief trip around California with Nomadeshop riders Antony Pottier and Warren Digne. The duo skate various street, park and ditch spots in Los Angeles and San Diego, and Pottier’s level of creativity seems to be increasing with each passing appearance. Digne also holds...
Eugen Enin - Bebop Sessions

Eugen Enin – Bebop Sessions

Eugen Enin is back once again to stun the hell out of us with his mind-boggling combos in a new section for USD Skates. Clocking in at just under five minutes, this section has some tricks that we are willing to bet have never been...
Bacemint - Havertown

Bacemint – Havertown

Bacemint are back with more garments to peddle as the holiday season looms ever closer and they have filmed a brief skatepark edit to show off said clothing. The outdoor park footage features Sean Kelso, Colin Kelso wearing some questionable headwear and assorted colour rugby...
Soichiro Kanashima - Thirtieth Now Online For Free

Soichiro Kanashima – Thirtieth Now Online For Free

Soichiro Kanashima‘s Thirtieth VOD section that was released in November last year is now online for free. The Japanese Valo rider puts in one hell of a performance in this one, mixing incredibly technical tricks and smooth style on a diverse range of obstacles. There...
Jeff Dalnas 2017 Eulogy Pro Wheel Promo

Jeff Dalnas 2017 Eulogy Pro Wheel Promo

Jeff Dalnas recently received his eighth pro wheel from Eulogy, despite being demoted from the pro team on USD, and he has released a promo for the latest signature product. Apart from a few Instagram clips here and there, it feels as though we haven’t...
Stephen Johnstone - BCN x Paris

Stephen Johnstone – BCN x Paris

Scotland’s Stephen Johnstone has been doing some travelling this year and a new edit has appeared online showing him skating the streets of Barcelona and Paris. He can be seen skating some iconic spots, including the Palais de Tokyo ledges in Paris, and the Forum...
Hermanos is Finally Here!

Hermanos is Finally Here!

Back in 2015 we mentioned in The Rumour Mill that Ivan Narez was working on a blading video called Hermanos and, after almost three years of waiting, it’s finally here. It turns out the project is a joint venture with close friend, former pro blader...
Dirtbox - SNOT

Dirtbox – SNOT

Dirt Box are back with fresh online content in the form of a trip to California taken by an English trio including Jon Lee, James Bower and Luke Thompson. In addition to a James Bower street section at the end, you get to see the...
From Beyond Trailer

From Beyond Trailer

It would appear that Shredweiser are calling it quits after several years of releasing videos, wheels and apparel and their swan song will be the 2018 full-length video From Beyond. The forthcoming release will feature full sections from Miguel Angel Ramos, Chris Dafick, Wild Bill, Nico...
Jo Zenk - Remz Pro - HR 2.0 Promo

Jo Zenk – Remz Pro – HR 2.0 Promo

Jo Zenk is now a member of the Remz pro team and can be seen here giving the new HR 2.0 model a test drive. The short but sweet promo features some pretty strong tricks, including a triple switch that begins with a channel grind...
Don Broskow

Don Broskow

Vibralux just released a split Don Bambrick and Alex Broskow section and we couldn’t be happier. As you would expect, both skaters give great performances and stomp out a bunch of bangers – even when a baseball bat wielding nut job tries to ruin their...
Scott Quinn Elite Series No. 3 Out Now!

Scott Quinn Elite Series No. 3 Out Now!

Jonas Hansson and Razors pro rider Scott Quinn have teamed up to present a Copenhagen blading odyssey in the form of Scott Quinn Elite Series No. 3. We are not going to give anything away because we don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment of this,...