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Feet Four Teaser

Feet Four Teaser

Lonnie Gallegos seems to be gearing up to release the fourth installment of his Feet series, Feet Four, as the first teaser has made its way online. His new venture will feature sections from Chris Farmer, Robert Guerrero, Michael Obedoza, Tim Franken, Kruise Sapstein, Brian Weis,...
Bobi Spassov -  It’s All About Control

Bobi Spassov – It’s All About Control

Israel’s new poster boy for blading Bobi Spassov discusses the importance of style, his thoughts on what blading he likes to watch and how he turned to blading when his life was falling apart. Style matters. If you read an interview with any of the...
Blake Bird - Summer 2017

Blake Bird – Summer 2017

Blake Bird is back out on the streets of London and has filmed what could be his final section for Xsjado. There is some great ledge skating in this and lots of nice lines. The video was filmed and edited by Capital Rollas. Watch more...
Jacob Juul - USD Aeon 72 Skates 2017

Jacob Juul – USD Aeon 72 Skates 2017

USD Skates have a got a workhorse in the form of Jacob Juul because the man seems to continuously produce content for the brand. In his latest promo he teams up with old friend and exceptional filmer/editor Jonas Hansson to produce a relatively brief but...
Joe Atkinson x Sydney

Joe Atkinson x Sydney

Joe Atkinson‘s Sydney section is now online for free and it is certain to make you forget about the horrible winter – even though it’s autumn – weather we are having in the UK right now. There are disasters, there are kinks, there are big...
Dirtbox - Kings

Dirtbox – Kings

Dirtbox are back with more new content featuring the DRC’s Scott Blackmore getting loose at a great-looking outdoor skatepark as the baby-faced gangster wannabe kids look on. The front farv cess slide to mute 180 and 270 back backslide to bank bonk were personal highlights....
Shogun x Physiks x Gasp - T H E V O I D

Shogun x Physiks x Gasp – T H E V O I D

Three of the Scotland’s strongest rappers have joined forces for an epic rap project ominously titled T H E V O I D. Paisley rapper and producer Physiks links up with viral rap hero Shogun and former Razors and Undercover rider Bryan Adams aka Gasp...
Anthony Medina - ANT

Anthony Medina – ANT

Texan blade video purveyor Anthony Medina has stepped out from behind the lens to film a full street section in her temporary home of Denver, Colorado. That’s right, our lensman behind the Wheel Scene Selects series is not only good at capturing blading, he is...
Elite Series - Winter Teaser

Elite Series – Winter Teaser

Jonas Hansson has announced more entries in his Elite Series project and the future releases will feature Scott Quinn, Richie Eisler and Alex Burston. We just hope that it is three separate sections from Quinn, Eisler and Burston rather than a section featuring all three....
Antony Pottier at Woodward

Antony Pottier at Woodward

Antony Pottier follows up his impressive FLAT promo with yet another shining example of his smooth skills in this edit filmed exclusively at Woodward West in California. Winterclash Am winner, Winterclash Pro winner, product designer and smooth pimp on skates, Pottier is building a strong...
Geoff Phillip - Orange Wheel Company

Geoff Phillip – Orange Wheel Company

It would appear that, in addition to receiving product from Vibralux, Geoff Phillip has now been picked up by Orange Wheel Company. The Canadian-based urethane brand haven’t been going very long, but Geoff Phillip joins a team that includes the Sean Keane and Kevin Lapierre....
Capital Rollas LDN Street Jam 2017

Capital Rollas LDN Street Jam 2017

The Capital Rollas LDN Street Jam recently took place in – you guessed it – London and here are some highlights from the event. As you can see, there was a solid turnout and some great blading took place. Congratulations to Aaron Turner, Dano Gorman...