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Video: Pariah - Paul John

Video: Pariah – Paul John

You can now watch Paul John‘s section from the latest Adam Johnson digiflick Pariah online. The profile is less than two minutes long but the Xsjado rider still manages to squeeze in quite a few interesting tricks. The rail huck to roll in at the...
Video: Pariah - John Bolino

Video: Pariah – John Bolino

Vibralux have uploaded John Bolino‘s incredible section from Pariah onto YouTube for you to watch over AND OVER again. This section has got so many huge stunts in it, and a very close call with a four by four. It is gonna be a tough...
Video: Pariah - BFree

Video: Pariah – BFree

Vibralux have uploaded Brian Freeman‘s section from Pariah. Apparently BFree got injured during the process of filming this profile, but there are still plenty of good tricks in there. The alley-oop makio full cab out was smooth as silk and the topsoul to hurricane cess...
Video: Pariah - Alex Broskow

Video: Pariah – Alex Broskow

It looks like Adam Johnson is feeling generous of late, as he just uploaded Alex Broskow‘s section from his latest video, Pariah. The Valo professional has been putting out sections forever but he always manages to come out with a few surprises, like the fence...
Video: Pariah - Chris Farmer

Video: Pariah – Chris Farmer

You can now watch Chris Farmer‘s section from Adam Johnson‘s latest blading video, Pariah, online thanks to the kind folks at Vibralux. This guy must have at least 20 sections under his belt and counting, but due to his constant progression of trick and obstacle...
Video: Pariah Trailer

Video: Pariah Trailer

Finally, the trailer for the new Adam Johnson digiflick, Pariah, is now online. As you can see, the bladers in this video took a lot of nasty falls trying to gather the best footage for your vieweing pleasure – so show a little bit of...
From Beyond Trailer

From Beyond Trailer

It would appear that Shredweiser are calling it quits after several years of releasing videos, wheels and apparel and their swan song will be the 2018 full-length video From Beyond. The forthcoming release will feature full sections from Miguel Angel Ramos, Chris Dafick, Wild Bill, Nico...
Shredweiser - John Bolino VOD

Shredweiser – John Bolino VOD

The Shredweiser John Bolino VOD section is now online for free after its release this time last year. This part sees the New Jersey native skating various spots in Mexico and Southern California. Some of those ditches look epic! It could be argued that this...
Video: Shredweiser - John Bolino B Roll

Video: Shredweiser – John Bolino B Roll

Shredweiser have uploaded a behind the scenes look at the making of the recent John Bolino VOD. The action takes place mainly in Southern California and Mexico, which makes for some interesting new terrain and a few run-ins with the local authorities. Plus, Steve tries...
Firsts: Montre Livingston

Firsts: Montre Livingston

Montre Livingston has squeezed a lot into the past ten years. We were first introduced to him via Doug Urquhart’s epic rollerblading film Black Market in 2005, which was coincidentally Livingston’s first ever blading tour. Since that time he has produced seminal parts in the...
Brian Freeman: Keep Busy or Die

Brian Freeman: Keep Busy or Die

Last year, Brian Freeman aka BFree’s Vibralux section proved to be one of the most engaging VOD releases to date. Under the creative vision of Kansas filmmaker Adam Johnson, Freeman astounded those who purchased his online profile with a more diverse trick range than we...
Kruise Sapstein: Out of the Comfort Zone...Kinda

Kruise Sapstein: Out of the Comfort Zone…Kinda

Since Chicago native Kruise Sapstein moved to California he has become friends with blading royalty, designed a Valo pro skate and currently works with street skating legend Kevin Gillan. Feel free to start hating him at any point. Kruise Sapstein left behind friends, family and familiar surroundings...