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Shredweiser - John Bolino VOD

Shredweiser – John Bolino VOD

The Shredweiser John Bolino VOD section is now online for free after its release this time last year. This part sees the New Jersey native skating various spots in Mexico and Southern California. Some of those ditches look epic! It could be argued that this...
John Bolino Vibralux VOD

John Bolino Vibralux VOD

Vibralux just uploaded another video from their VOD series for free and this time we get to watch the epic skills of New Jersey’s John Bolino. We have seen less of John Bolino than we would like in recent years, but this incredible section reminds...
Video: Shredweiser - John Bolino B Roll

Video: Shredweiser – John Bolino B Roll

Shredweiser have uploaded a behind the scenes look at the making of the recent John Bolino VOD. The action takes place mainly in Southern California and Mexico, which makes for some interesting new terrain and a few run-ins with the local authorities. Plus, Steve tries...
Video: The 666 Series - John Bolino

Video: The 666 Series – John Bolino

Following the upload of Dave Lang and Brian Shima‘s sections in The 666 Series, John Bolino‘s part is now available online. As always, the New Jersey to California transplant goes hard, with fast skating, big stunts and technical flourishes all mashed together to make for...
John Bolino: Taking Stock of Things

John Bolino: Taking Stock of Things

The New Jersey nomad discusses renouncing his professional status, winning two of the USA’s biggest competitions, his views on the industry and filming for his section in The 666 Series. Flashback to the end of 2012 and John Bolino seemed to have the blading world...
Video: Originals - John Bolino

Video: Originals – John Bolino

It took them long enough, but Create Originals have finally uploaded the second part of their online video series, Originals, and it is incredible. This time the featured skater is pro team rider John Bolino and he kills everything in his path with big gaps,...
Video: Pariah - John Bolino

Video: Pariah – John Bolino

Vibralux have uploaded John Bolino‘s incredible section from Pariah onto YouTube for you to watch over AND OVER again. This section has got so many huge stunts in it, and a very close call with a four by four. It is gonna be a tough...
Video: Too Much Love 2 - John Bolino

Video: Too Much Love 2 – John Bolino

John Bolino‘s section from T0o Much Love 2: The Breakdown is now online for your enjoyment. The SSM rider skates fast, hard and technical. Roof drops and risky rail transfers are nothing to this guy, but one of the highlights is the impeccable fishbrain 540...
Video: SSM - John Bolino Pro Skate Edit

Video: SSM – John Bolino Pro Skate Edit

It has been been the general consensus of blading fans all over the world that SSM rider John Bolino deserves a pro skate and it looks like Brian Shima agrees, as it was recently announced that the New Jersey native will receive his first ever...
John Lyke: Dipping In And Out

John Lyke: Dipping In And Out

Our favourite unsponsored skater discusses his sporadic involvement in the blading industry, pushing his limits and living with internet sensation Kirby Jenner. Once a year, the Black Bandit Media crew come out of hiding to unleash a fascinating full-length blading video to the masses for...
Brian Freeman: Keep Busy or Die

Brian Freeman: Keep Busy or Die

Last year, Brian Freeman aka BFree’s Vibralux section proved to be one of the most engaging VOD releases to date. Under the creative vision of Kansas filmmaker Adam Johnson, Freeman astounded those who purchased his online profile with a more diverse trick range than we...
Dustin Werbeski: Pandora's Box Part 2

Dustin Werbeski: Pandora’s Box Part 2

KCMO, Sean Kelso and Xsjado The first part of our Dustin Werbeski interview trilogy concluded with the Canadian talking about turning pro for Xsjado, his subsequent injury troubles that resulted in him producing less regular content than he had in previous years and the notion...