Jonas Hansson continues his exceptional Elite Series with a fifth instalment featuring Alex Burston.

Back in 2012 we got an indication of the sheer scale of Alex Burston’s ability when the Ground Control team video GC.1 dropped and the world discovered that the relative newcomer to the team at the time could lace a surprising amount of truespin alley-oop topside variations switch and natural with the same level of control, piece difficult lines together with a smooth flow and stomp some sizeable gaps. In fact, his section was a highlight of the video.

However, Alex Burston’s Elite Series section is the closest any video has come to truly capturing the spirit of Alex’s character. Jonas Hansson has done an incredible job of showcasing the Stockport native’s undeniable talent on skates, but he also manages to display Alex’s warm and endearing character. Various clips show Alex messing around and poking fun at himself, and there is one scene featuring him interacting with some Spanish children that will bring a smile to anyone’s face. This brief glimpse into his infectious personality gives an indication of why so many people love and respect him the world over.

This is the first full-length street section we have seen from Alex Burston since the MCR Video, which was almost two years ago, so that alone is cause for celebration. We are not going to give any of the tricks away, apart from the stellar truespin topsoul down a long stair rail that’s doing the rounds on social media, because we believe you should have to pay the mere £6 for the privilege.

What we will say is this: Jonas Hansson clearly thought long and hard about the best way to convey Alex’s approach to skating and his personality as a whole. There are a few nods to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that sound strange out of context but will make perfect sense when you watch the section.

You can download Alex Burston – Elite Series No. 6 HERE for £6.

Alex Burston – Elite Series No. 5 Teaser from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.



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