The Adapt Team Movie dropped last week and features a mixture of international and homegrown Dutch talent. Aside from the obvious skills of Rik van Huik, who is one of our favourite European bladers to watch, Levi van Rijn is rapidly rising through the ranks and could just be the handmade boot brand’s next star in waiting. The 20-year-old has been gradually putting out impressive video content over the past three years, both with his crew of friends and promoting his skate sponsor, and each new release showcases someone whose trick level and control are progressing at a strong pace.

The day this interview was supposed to take place, Cavin Brinkman was arrested while out filming with Levi. It turns out Levi kicked a couple of skate stoppers off a rail at an apartment complex, pissing off one of the residents and causing them to call the police. The guys did what skaters do and got the hell out of there, but the resident tracked them down at the local train station and the police arrived as they were sitting on the train, waiting for it to leave. The police accused Cavin of stealing the skate stoppers and asked where his friends were. Cavin refused to name anyone, which is pretty funny because Levi was literally sitting a few feet away in a different top to avoid being recognised. As a result, Cavin was taken down to the police station for some lengthy questioning and Levi got away free. Cavin may be one of the most outspoken and divisive personalities within rollerblading, but he’s no snitch!

As soon as this interview started, it rapidly became apparent that extracting an in-depth response from Levi was going to be like getting blood out of a stone. The interview took place in Cavin’s apartment in Amsterdam and it seemed like Cavin and his girlfriend offered more information than Levi did. It turns out the promising powerhouse on blades is quite a shy character and doesn’t really have much to say for himself. However, he did manage to give us a single quote that I believe is pure gold – you will have to read on to find out – and accidentally let slip some potentially interesting team news.

Wheel Scene: So the Adapt video is finished. How long did you spend filming your section?
Levi: Two years, I think. It started as a profile for something besides Adapt but it ended up in a whole movie with me and my friends.

Where was it filmed?
Holland, France, Denmark, America and England.

Where was your favourite place to film?
Chattanooga, Tennessee, that was really cool. We went there for one weekend to skate and chill with Ray Kronenberg and his girlfriend Annie. That was a productive weekend. Other than that I don’t care which city we film/skate because I always have fun exploring, even if I have been there before.

What was it like filming with Cavin?
It was really cool.

You mean he didn’t get on your nerves?
Not all the time.

Feel free to slag him off. He was complaining to me about you a few weeks ago because you were meant to meet him to film an ender and you decided you would rather do something else.
(Laughter) Yeah, sometimes I hate him.

What are some of your favourite memories from filming for the video?
Just travelling, meeting new people and visiting new places.

I’ve seen some VX videos that you and your crew have made. How does your section in the Adapt video differ from your previous parts?
I think this is cooler…has cooler stuff. The Bliksem video was a project with my friends with no pressure, so that was different. I filmed and edited myself a lot for that also. For both projects we had a lot of fun.

I love how you have literally give me three-word answers for almost every question I have asked so far.

Have you seen the video yet?
I’ve seen a few parts.

Has Cavin let you see your section?
Yeah, he’s let me see my section.

What did you think of it?
That it was really cool. It came out really good.

Did you get any input into it?
We chose the music together.

Am I right in thinking you are straight edge as well?
I drink beer but I don’t do anything else. I don’t do drugs.

I heard you had an interesting experience at NASS last year.
Yeah, it was crazy. Children taking drugs. Girls who twerked for us randomly because we had a camera (as seen in the NASS edit). After my first game of beer pong ever (and winning it with J-Bah), we got paid ten pounds to jump through a ring of fire with our skates during a skateboard demo that we sneaked in.

As someone who doesn’t do drugs, what did you think of that?
It was fucked up, it was funny as well.

There is a lot of drug culture in blading competitions, especially in Holland. What do you think of it all?
For me, it’s easy to stay away from. I have no interest in doing drugs. I think it’s stupid that people come to Holland to smoke.

Cavin: Can you see a change in your skating throughout the filming process?
Yeah. My style got better and I learned more tricks, and got more confident with my skating.

Were there any tricks that I pushed you to do that you didn’t want to do?
No, I always want to do the tricks. I think you helped me push my limits sometimes more. We bumped heads a few times, which happens when you are on tour, but we remain friends.

Cavin’s GF: I know there were times when Levi wanted to slap you!
Wheel Scene: To be fair, I think many people have wanted to slap Cavin.

Cavin: Did America live up to your expectations?
It was like a movie when I came to LA and arrived at the airport. There were big roads, big billboards and Big Macs…and big people!

Cavin: What was it like blading in America?
I skated some stuff that I always dreamed off. Skating schools, I think, there were so many schools – they were some of the best places to skate. Alleyways, perfect rails – too perfect can be boring though – and the down hills… Scary but so much fun. And it’s different to travel across the cities, they are so big that you had to drive everywhere, but driving meant also a lot of gas stations and gas stations meant ice slurpies.

Wheel Scene: Does that mean we can expect some epic hill bombs in your section?

Wheel Scene: Do you have any projects planned after the video is released?
Yeah, we are already filming together for a new profile.

Wheel Scene: Now that Dan Collins is no longer on Adapt, does this mean Levi is going to be the next Adapt pro?
No comment.

Wheel Scene: No comment suggests I guessed correctly!

Cavin’s GF: He should talk about when we went to America and you were always annoying! You always wanted to film and wouldn’t let us do anything, so we went dress shopping.
Levi: Yeah, we went dress shopping.

Cavin’s GF: We had to pretend we were going to get a drink and we went dress shopping. We were getting some things. We saw a dress shop, so we went shopping.

Cavin: They said they were going to 7Eleven for a drink and they disappeared for 45 minutes with no phones.
Levi: But you were filming with Pascal then, so…

Cavin: I was so focussed on filming that I kept putting off everything else on the trip.
Levi: Sometimes you do get too focussed on something and…yeah, it’s annoying!

Cavin: Did you have any injuries while filming?
Levi: I broke my wrist.

Cavin: Yeah, but you kept skating.

Wheel Scene: Do you think there is a lot of pressure on the release of this video because of how critical Cavin is of other people’s work?
Levi: Yeah, because everyone hates him. (Laughter)

I think that is the best answer of this interview!



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