It’s taken a while but it seems as though blading has finally embraced the idea of books as collectable media and there is a new one set to make a rather large impact in Europe. Following in the footsteps of Valo V, Chapter II and most recently Sam Cooper’s accompanying book for the UK video Best Before, Italian photographer Pietro Firrincieli is set to release the second printing of his incredible Blade Diary.

Unlike the other aforementioned books, Pietro’s project is not accompanying any video release but documenting a year of his life as he quit his job and left his home to travel Europe, America and Mexico with some of the best bladers in the world, gaining an insight into various scenes and documenting some of the biggest events in the sport. There are some hilarious anecdotes involving some of your favourite skaters and an insight into the people who keep out industry going.

Each book is handmade by Pietro and the stories within it will make you smile, laugh and reaffirm your love for the sport. I recently had the pleasure of reading a copy in all its DIY glory and it reminds you why you became addicted to blading in the first place.

The second run of Blade Diary will be stocked in bookshops in Italy and Belgium and pre-orders are available HERE until July 10, and it has been getting a lot of mainstream coverage via various European magazines. The book will be accompanied by a month-long exhibition in Naples.

If you would like to see the digital version of Blade Diary it can be viewed HERE, but to really get a true feel for how incredible this project is you really need to hold it in your hands.

To find out more about the project, visit the Blade Diary Tumblr HERE.



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