What defines an iconic skater? If you look to the past, each of the esteemed elite that our community refers to as a legend possessed different elements that made their blading great. Some were incredibly technical, some were fearless and performed stunts that no other would dare and some just oozed with style that many would try to emulate but none could replicate. However, they all shared one common trait; there was something undeniably special about them and everyone could see it. When it comes to the current generation of skaters, Andrew Broom definitely falls into that category as someone who has the potential to leave a lasting impact on our sport. There is unquestionably something exceptional about his ability on skates.

Broom first came to our attention through Ant Medina’s 2013 Texas scene video Waterloo and we have been watching his every move ever since. It seems like he is on a continual mission to improve upon each previous section by raising the level of complexity and creativity in his skating, introducing illusion grinds, switch and natural spins, a seemingly unending grind arsenal and the odd curveball hammer to keep the viewer on their toes. Despite releasing numerous parts over the past four years, his sections are yet to become predictable. The only thing we know to expect from a Broom section by now is that the level of skating will be incredibly high and no matter how difficult the tricks become, they will be executed with precision and grace. If you are in any doubt, check out his Wheel Scene Selects part from last year.

After several years riding for high end independent skate manufacturer Adapt, Broom decided to join the ranks of the illustrious Valo team in 2015. He previously rode the brand’s skate and it’s pretty safe to say that most skaters would be honoured to ride for a company run by blading hero Jon Julio, but it appeared like an odd move. At Adapt, Broom was one of the most prominent riders and it seemed like only a matter of time before he joined the likes of Ben Harmanus, Dominik Wagner and Julian Bah in receiving his own signature skate. But at Valo, it has proven historically harder to rise up through the ranks and the skate company already boasts an intimidating line-up that consists of Alex Broskow, Erik Bailey, David Sizemore and Soichiro Kanashima. Surely, if Andrew wanted to advance to the level of pro, the sensible choice would be to stick with Adapt? Well, it turns out that was never the motivation behind the move and it just came down to logistics in the end.

Andrew recently received his first pro wheel from Sic Urethane, so we decided to steal some of his time and quiz him on a few topics.

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Wheel Scene: So, new pro wheel was recently released. How did it feel to see your name on a wheel?
Andrew Broom: Having my name on something has always been a dream of mine. When I got my first set and I saw them in person it was amazing, then to see people riding them all over the world was incredible.

It must be pretty cool to have experienced something that is a childhood dream for most skaters when they are younger. What did your parents think when you showed them?
Honestly, I’ve been on my own since I was 15. I was raised by my aunt and uncle. When I showed them, they were overjoyed. They have always supported my rollerblading,

Damn. I didn’t know that. That must have been pretty tough. Do you want to talk about it or would you rather leave it?
Rather leave it.

Fair enough. Ant Medina told me you were almost sponsored by Circolo but the whole situation was pretty weird. What happened there?
Haha! Yeah, that whole experience was pretty awful. Jeff Linett had hit me or Ant up, and sent us some wheels and clothing to try out. When I skated the wheels, I didn’t like they way they held up. So, a couple days later, I hit Jeff up and told him thanks for the opportunity but I’m gonna pass. I guess he didn’t like that considering his responses for the next couple of days.

I heard he said some pretty shitty things to you after that.
Yeah, it was brutal. After that I was glad I didn’t take the deal because I could never work with someone like that.

That sounds understandable. I know you recently got back from filming your pro wheel edit in Colorado. Was that your first time skating street up there? How did you find it?
I did Colorado Road Trip but that was skating parks, so it wasn’t my first time there but first time skating street. Skating in Colorado is amazing. They have so many good spots and it was nice to get away from the Texas weather.

Are you tempted to follow the rest of the guys who left Texas and move up there?
No way, man! Haha! Texas will always be home and rumour has it most of the Texas guys are moving back.

Really? They couldn’t handle the cold or…?
Yeah. I guess it doesn’t make sense to move somewhere that’s cold and snows if you wanna be able to blade year round.

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This is true. So you started skating for Valo last year. How did that happen?
Micah Yeager got me in touch with Valo and it’s been great ever since. Julio is the man!!!

Wow! The infamous Micah Yeager hooked you up? I thought they approached you. Damn! That’s pretty crazy. What is Micah doing these days?
He lives in Austin too, so we hang out a lot. Right now, I guess he is working, being a husband, and playing his guitar.

Why did you decide to ride for Valo instead of sticking with Adapt?
I love and respect Adapt, but it would take months to get blades and parts living in America, so I respectfully resigned from the team and started skating my old Valos again. A few months later is when everything came together with the Valo team.

Did you read the interview we did with Pieter? What did you think about the part where he said he wanted to make you pro for Adapt in the future?
Yeah, I read it. It’s humbling when someone says that, but after a couple years not much had changed.

Where do you lie on the Valo team? Do you want to try and progress through the ranks?
I’m happy to be a part of such an awesome team. I’m not too worried about progressing through the ranks as I am progressing as a blader. Julio is the president he knows what he’s doing.

That seems like a pretty healthy attitude to have. When are we gonna see a new Andrew Broom section?
Thanks, man. Currently I am working with Jan Welch on his new video. We’ve been filming for the last two years, so it should be a long one.

Nice! Does he have a name for it or a release date in mind?
Jan said everything is classified information at this time, but with all the time he’s put in to it, it’s gonna be great!

Haha! Fair enough. Can you at least tell me who else is going to have sections?
Sorry, man. I don’t wanna leak any information. I might lose my section just talking about it. Haha!

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Wouldn’t want that to happen! What else have you got planned for this year?
More blading, More content, More travelling!

That was very vague!

Right, one thing I wanna know – who is more fun to film with, Ant or Foogie?!
Haha! Man, you had to put me in the hot seat. Both of them are very hard to film with ‘cause it’s always hard to get focused with all the funny shenanigans going on.

That is such an easy way out! Okay, which one of them can’t handle their booze?
Oh, shit! Haha! I would say Foogie ! Haha!

I was hoping you were gonna give me some stories! Haha!
Haha! Come to Texas you will leave with plenty!

Anything else you wanna talk about in the interview or anything else you want people to know?
I just want to thank all my sponsors – Valo Brand, Ground Control and Sic Urethane. All my friends that are always pushing me to be great. My amazing girl friend for always believing in me. I also want to thank you, David, for providing a platform for blading to be shared across the world and taking interest in me and my blading. That was an invite by the way! Haha!

Haha! I just had a daughter, so I’m a little busy at the moment. But I appreciate it! Maybe someday.

Photos: Joseph Gammill


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