Montre Livingston has squeezed a lot into the past ten years. We were first introduced to him via Doug Urquhart’s epic rollerblading film Black Market in 2005, which was coincidentally Livingston’s first ever blading tour. Since that time he has produced seminal parts in the Nimh Team Video, The Truth 2 and Pariah, lacing countless timeless feats that many of his fellow professionals would not even consider. If you haven’t seen the ender to his Nimh section, we thoroughly recommend you do. His online content has been pretty exceptional as well, with his Create Originals parts (both of them) and USD Pro Skate promo being just two stellar performances that instantly spring to mind. Apparently it won’t be long until we are spoiled with fresh footage as he is currently working on a Vibralux VOD section with Adam Johnson. If you have seen any of the previous instalments in the series, you will know that the standard is pretty damn high and we are fairly certain Livingston’s part will hold its own. It is safe to say that he is one of the most well-travelled and productive skaters in our scene at the moment, which is a pretty spectacular accomplishment considering he divides his time between blading and fatherhood.

The signature models are beginning to stack up as well, with multiple pro skates and several pro wheels, T-shirts and more to his name. Some of the companies he has previously skated for have fallen by the wayside but the North Carolina resident seems to be going from strength to strength. He is currently riding for USD Skates, Create Originals and was recently added to BHC Wheels and Vibralux, although he is still actively pursuing that Pabst Blue Ribbon deal with every Instagram update he posts! All the beer-guzzling hasn’t got in the way of his success though, as the dreadlock warrior recently romped to success at Winterclash 2016, adding champion of the biggest event in blading to his lengthy list of accomplishments. As we wait with great anticipation to see what the little man with the big personality does next, we decided to find out about some of the pivotal moments in his blading career thus far.


Wheel Scene: First time you saw someone rollerblading.
Montre Livingston: Well, I guess, if we are talking aggressive skating, it would be the X Games years, years back. I was watching some skateboarding and saw a cut away of some guys on blades coming up after. At the time, I had blades but didn’t know that people were using them in that way. One person stood out to me while watching it: Franky Morales. I saw him shredding and making everything look so dope and stylish. From then on, I started hitting the streets and trying to be like him! (Laughs)

First pair of skates you owned.
I’m not super sure exactly what they were called, I Just know that they were the X Games edition with grind plates and shit. They were probably from Walmart or some shit! (Laughs)

First video you watched.
Psshh, I don’t know, man. Maybe VG 20. I was a late bloomer in the skate word. I didn’t have friends to show me all the cool shit. I didn’t know about skate vids. I knew about Skatepile and they had edits to watch on their website; that’s how I learned most of my tricks, but I never knew the names. (Laughs)

First video you appeared in.
The first real video I was in would have to be SayWord. I had been in a few little edits the homies made that most likely have never been seen by anyone! (Laughs)

First sponsor.
My first sponsors were Denial and Senate. At the time, Denial was a clothing company and Senate was a wheel company. I had to be the happiest kid in the world to find out Senate wanted me on the team. That was the first blade company I knew about and I told myself, if I were to get sponsored, Senate would be my first…and it was! (Laughs) Killgore hooked me up with Denial and that put my name out there for future sponsors and shit.

First skater you looked up to.
The first blader I looked up to was Franky Morales, but then I met Dre Powell and found out he lived in my city. From there, he and the homie Kenny Owens shaped me into a blade destroying machine!

First competition you entered.
The first contest I entered in blading was at the old local skatepark in my city that’s been gone for years now. I entered the intermediate group and took second. After that, I won all of them. At this time is when I meet the crew I grew up skating with.

First competition you won.
Well, this just got answered in the last question.

First blading tour.
The California Burrito Tour or Black Market tour. It was crazy to go so far from home without the parents, but it was one of my favourite tours still to this day. I had a blast with the crew – Doug, Kenny and Julian. We went from Atlanta all the way to California and back – full America tour.

First time you got seriously injured.
These questions are hard to remember! (Laughs) I think my first serious injury was when I ripped a ligament in my knee during a Nimh Woodward West trip. I was learning flat spins on the learner launch box and it was super slippery. I did the trick perfect but, as I was landing, my feet slipped to the side and all my weight landed on my leg sideways. I was out for like 3-5 months.

First trick you learned.
Dude, I have no idea what was the first one I learned. I didn’t know the name of the tricks I was doing at that time. It could have been a true fish for all I know! (Laughs) I can tell you this, when I started, I did all my tricks switch until someone showed me I can use both feet.

First time you drank a PBR.
Hmm, that’s a good question. I don’t remember the first one I had, but I do remember when it became my favourite. It was years ago, before I got into my bike club. I was at a party and for some reason all the beer tasted weird as shit – I’m guessing they were IPA or something – so the only thing I liked there was PBR. I got drunk but no hangover and figured this was the beer for me.

First girl you met on Tinder.
I have never met any girls on Tinder.

First time you visited Europe.
Fuck, dude, I’d say back when Nimh was still a company. We went to Europe for a few contests and to tour with Shima. I’m no good with dates and time! (Laughs)

First time you got busted for blading.
The first time I got busted for blading and actually taking to the station, I was in college and leaving class to meet up with some friends to blade. As I’m waiting for them to arrive, some classmates ask if I could show them a trick. I do one royale on a rail and that’s it. Five minutes later, popo comes around the corner screaming at me about watching me do a bunch of tricks and skating around campus. My friend says to him, “He wasn’t doing any of what you said.” The I say, “I did one trick and that’s all.” The cop gets all pissed and starts yelling all this random shit and, at this point, I’ve had enough, so I try to skate off ‘cause I did nothing wrong. The cop grabs me and pushes me into his cart. He cuffs me and takes me to the holding station. He leaves for a bit, after telling me to shut up and don’t move, so I kick off my blades, slip my feet from under the cuffs like a magician and put my skates back on, and grab some coffee and a magazine. He returns and is pissed as all hell, saying, “Who the fuck took off your cuffs?!” He slaps the magazine out my hands and sees that I’m still in cuffs. He gets really confused and just takes me to jail. I was in for a few hours before I bailed myself out, but I got that cop fired a year later in court.

First time you got drunk.
How am I to remember the first time I got drunk?! I was probably, like, 15 or 16 years old, hanging out with one of my best friends, drinking vodka like it was water. I had a week-long hangover and I still don’t drink vodka to this day.

First pro model product.
The first pro model product was either my Denial pro tee or Denial pro wheel. I’m not sure what was first but, yeah, I still have the shirt and wheel.

Photos: Jonathan Labez




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