When Wheel Scene approached Lonnie Gallegos to get involved with F33t, we were extremely excited to receive a message from David Sizemore advising us that he had gathered a few photos from various filming missions that we could use for a feature. We couldn’t have been happier with this news because it’s David Sizemore, the Atlanta blading icon that went from being widely criticised on message boards for a host of trivial reasons to becoming one of the most loved skaters in our sport by keeping his head down, paying his dues and proving himself time and time again. He has perfected his craft to the point where many now believe he is one of the best our sport has ever produced. There was just one problem; Sizemore didn’t want to discuss anything that wasn’t related to filming for F33t. This instantly rendered the plethora of questions we had regarding his decision to leave Rollerblade, skating Roces M12 skates for a considerable period and eventually joining the Valo pro team earlier this year completely void. Apparently all of this information will be divulged in another interview that he has been working on for some time with an as-yet-unnamed party. Well, that took the wind out of our sails a little!

It seems as though David Sizemore’s transformation from an eager youngster with a terrifying trick vocabulary into fully fledged icon has taken place before our very eyes. We have watched his dizzying spin-to-grind combos in IRollerblade and Barely Dead and we have read the unnecessary online abuse he received for such inconsequential things as his one-time love for bright clothing or the fact that until a few years ago he always skated with a helmet. His jaw-dropping 2012 WRS Uploaded section signified the culmination of that glorious transformation, complete with that unforgettable hurricane fishbrain 360 out on the electrical box and that massive fakie 360 down the stair set to close proceedings. After witnessing that, there was little doubt in anyone’s mind that Sizemore had achieved the kind of master status with his blading that is normally reserved for skaters like Alex Broskow, Chris Farmer and Chris Haffey.

David Sizemore has carved himself out as an almost Johnny Cash-like figure within the blading world: dressed mainly in black and marching to his own tune. He has won the seminal Florida blade gathering Pan Handle Pow-wow four times – in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 – which is an astonishing record by anyone’s standards. In the past four years, until his recent pro edit for Valo, all we had to go on were seven tricks in KCMO, a few more in Valo V and some random online montages that he threw together during his travels. If this was all a clever ruse to ignite interest and fuel intrigue it has worked extremely well. The blading public’s hunger to see more footage of the Atlanta blader is at an all time high. It is also one of the main reasons that people are so excited for the release of Lonnie Gallegos’ new video F33t. Sizemore is so spectacularly fascinating to watch that even a rough collection of leftover clips for previous sponsor Rollerblade released at the start of 2013 attracted over 23,000 views without any editing or musical accompaniment. Name another skater that has managed to pull off that feat. Go on, we are dare you.

As the world rushes to download the third instalment in Lonnie Gallegos’ celebrated Feet series, we offer the briefest of glimpses into David Sizemore’s experience of the filming process. You don’t need to tell us, we know; this simply isn’t good enough for one of the best bladers in the world at the moment. Who knows? Maybe we will be fortunate enough to secure another interview in the near future and gain a much greater insight into who he is, what makes him tick and why we should be excited to have him represent our culture. Until then, we can only offer our most humble of apologies.

Two children watch on as Sizemore laces a flawless truespin fishbrain.

Two children watch on as Sizemore laces a flawless truespin fishbrain.

Wheel Scene: How was filming for F33t?
David Sizemore: It’s been rad shooting with Lonnie. He just has a cool perspective on things when he puts something together.

What were some of the highlights of filming with Lonnie Gallegos?
It was just rad hangin’ with Lonnie, Sinzi, and Negrete at their place, making pulled BBQ chicken sandwiches and watching Kroll show. (Laughs) Good fucking times.

Did you sustain any injuries while filming for your section?
Nothin’ too bad; maybe a bruised heel or a shinner.

Who are your favourite skaters to watch at the moment?
Gabriel Hyden, B Smith, Howie Bennett, Sean Darst and Rob G.

What music do you have on heavy rotation right now?
Honestly, I’m kind of all over the place. Early Grateful Dead and Velvet Underground, lots of blues, and lately a lot of early ‘30s stuff.

I know you are quite a competitive person. Which blading events are on your bucket list?
Yeah, I always wanted to win Winterclash – place is a madhouse.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I’m moving out of my spot in Atlanta to go travel around again. I just want to skate and work on a few video and photo projects.

Are you filming for anything else at the moment?
Yeah, I’ve got a couple of things in the works…


Something big is about to go down.

Something big is about to go down.

Beautiful roof-to-roof mute 540.

Beautiful roof-to-roof mute 540.

One of the last clips Lonnie Gallegos and Brandon Negrete filmed together - mute 540.

One of the last clips Lonnie Gallegos and Brandon Negrete filmed together – mute 540.

Everyone loves a second take - truespin fishbrain full cab out.

Everyone loves a second take – truespin fishbrain full cab out.







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