For many, the name Brian Weis is likely to be closely associated with the exceptional joint indoor park edit Not Cereal he released with Detroit blading legend Don Bambrick that came out of nowhere and amassed over 21,000 views in an exceptionally short period of time. This might have had something to do with the fact that Bambrick had been out of the public eye for quite a considerable amount of time prior to this edit being released, but anyone who has witnessed both skater’s mind-boggling range of complicated tricks and the exceptionally inventive use of a park that many believed had already been rinsed to death years ago is in no doubt that this was something truly special. However, we don’t believe that enough people fully appreciate the fact that Weis held his own against an iconic blader who has received two pro skates and released some monumental parts in various Mindgame videos over the years. Despite repeated viewings, it is still difficult to say which skater shone brightest in this fine example of transition blading.

Well, it seems like Weis is finally starting to get the recognition he deserves, as he has now been added to the new look Ground Control team and his Watchlist 13 section, that was released in September, shows that he is ready to be one of the next greats to emerge from Detroit scene. Without giving too much away for those unfortunate souls who have yet to witness the lesson in creative blading in action, expect style, clever obstacle selection, various instances of misdirection and an insight into someone with a clearly defined vision of what he thinks blading should be. It may surprise a lot of people to know that Weis is actually one of the longest serving members of the SSM team, joining Brian Shima‘s boot manufacturing company almost instantly after the demise of Nimh.

If you would like to observe any other examples of Weis’ blading, simply look up the numerous Shredweiser edits that are floating around online, or this summer’s SSM Woodward West 2014 video, to gain a greater idea of why this is the perfect candidate to follow in the footsteps of Don Bambrick and JC Rowe in representing the Motor City on a global scale. However, before you do that, we recommend you have a little look at a conversation we had with the man from the home of Motown while he was visiting John Bolino for this year’s Blading Cup to gain a little insight into someone who has the potential to go far in the blading world.

Zero spin soul to gap

Zero spin soul to gap

Wheel Scene: How was is Los Angeles treating you?
Brian Weis: Great weekend, man! LA has been real good. Been here at Bolino‘s since Friday, skating and hanging out before Blading Cup.

Are you filming for anything or just visiting for Blading Cup?
Both actually. I came out for Blading Cup and figured I’d visit some homies and stay out here for a few. I’m filming some stuff for a section for the new Haunted VOD and a future SSM project. No pressure, just getting what I can and having some fun.

So what were you doing before you travelled to LA? Do you work?
I travelled down to Cleveland for the King of Cleveland contest right before I left. I had a great time with everybody down there, so I was in good spirits right before I headed out here. But just the usual before that, blading and working. I have a pretty cool job that allows me a pretty free schedule though. I shoot product photos for the Polish Art Center here and I am really good friends with the family, so it’s pretty rad. I also barback weekends downtown as well.

You have been riding for SSM for a while now. How did you get hooked up with them and when was that?
Yeah, since the beginning. (Laughs) No pun intended. I took a trip out to the Shredweiser house right when Nimh was done, got some good footage and Shima saw some stuff, and we that was pretty much it. I also became good homies with all the dudes on the team so, yeah, it’s real chill. It’s been good ever since.

So you are riding for SSM and now Ground Control? Anyone else?
Yeah, I work pretty closely with Modern and those dudes. I try to work with them on stuff around the local scene and I also skate for the homie Matt Ozz’s wheel company Haunted. I like being a part of things and being involved, so that why I’m working with the people/companies that I do.

Wow, you have got quite a few sponsors! You have been featured in quite a few edits over recent years, including Shredweiser edits and SSM edits, but I think people mostly know you for your amazing park section with Don Bambrick that dropped last year. Were you surprised by how popular it was? Very few park edits get over 21,000 views these days!
(Laughs) Yeah, man, Not Cereal was one of the coolest things I’ve worked on in a bit. It’s so nice working on projects with good friends; it makes for better vibes, ya know. We were pretty surprised because it started out just as nothing really and just kind of grew on its own until we finished with what you all saw. I know Don was excited to put something out after such along time away. It’s hard keeping up with that fucker though – (Laughs) too damn good. It was also cool for us to get the hang of things behond the scenes, like editing and filming.

Makio to mute 180 over wall

Makio to mute 180 over wall

It’s no easy task to hold your own against the mighty Don Bambrick. Explain two things to me: What is the meaning behind the name Not Cereal and why the hell was there a random clip of Ben Weis at the end?!
(Laughs) Well, Not cereal came from things being taken too seriously when putting together a project and the pressure that comes with putting things together for sponsors etc. Not that it’s all bad, but we just wanted something that was not so serious, just a couple friends filming some fun on blades basically. There were no intentions, no deadlines, not caring what anyone thought, as long as we were happy with it. Doing our own thing, ya know. Plus, we had full control over how it came out. Now, the Ben Weis clip, that came simply because of me getting mistaken for him, so we had to give him the closer. That probably didn’t help because people think I’m him even more now ’cause of that! (Laughs)

I am guessing you guys are no relation then?
No relation, that I know of! (Laughs)

You seem to be pretty close with Don Bambrick. From the videos I have seen him in, he doesn’t give too much away. He doesn’t talk too much and seems like a pretty quiet guy. What is he like to hang out with?
Yeah, me and Don are good buds. He’s the man, always down to throw some darts and have a couple with. We both have been getting real into filming, photos and editing a lot outside of blading, so we collab on that stuff, which is sick.

Are you guys working on anything at the moment?
No projects at the moment, just kind of learning shit together on the filming edits tip, but it’s about to be a winter wonderland in Detroit, so maybe Not Cereal Three. Ha!

That was what I was just about to ask you. Michigan is pretty brutal during the winter – even worse than Scotland – so do you guys just hide inside the skatepark for four or five months?
Yeah, it gets bad in Detroit. We had 80 days last winter of negative degree weather – brutal. So, yeah, we all head to our second home, Modern, during the winter months. Wednesday is our blade night there, so it’s the place to be during the winter. Either that or I head out to the west coast to escape!

What about the rest of the year?
Oh, it’s great. We have a really good scene, so you can always find someone to go blade or hang with in the sunmer.

Detroit has quite a reputation due to poverty and gun crime. Is that a serious issue or is it only localised to certain areas?
Just like any other city, shit can happen anywhere. With that said, there are just more areas in Detroit that things can go down. There are certain areas where it’s more prevalent. Plus, the city is broke, so it’s hard to manage these issues without money or man power. It’s allowing for change and it’s an open canvas right now, which is why I love it.

What are your plans after you return home from Blading Cup?
Back to the daily grind. I’m just going to be working and blading as much as I can and also working on shooting more photos, trying to get my website together and get some more gigs with that. Yeah, that’s about it. I’m saving up to get back out to California in mid-winter to film and hang some more. I love it out here and need to start storing food like a chipmunk for winter – it’s going to be a rough one.

Terrifying savannah 270 out

Terrifying savannah 270 out

What are your views on the recent VOD sections? Have you bought many of them? Do you have any particular favourites?
I think they’re great, if the quality and effort is put in, which so far I really haven’t seen a bad one. It’s great because it’s a way to generate revenue for companies and bladers because no-one’s getting paid for what they deserve to be paid for. I have bought quite a few based on what I said. I’m definitely down to support that and skaters I dig. I really dug the new Moreno part and B Free‘s section was killer too. Props, boys.

“Searching for new spots is one of the best parts about blading – it’s half the fun.”

You seem to enjoy the more creative, obscure elements of street skating. What things are you most interested in blading at the moment?
Yeah, I really like skating new stuff. There’s something about a new spot or aomething you haven’t skated before. Searching for new spots is one of the best parts about blading – it’s half the fun. I’m not really into anything specific or looking for anything specific, just anything that seems fun and catches my eye. I’ve been really getting into some more basic, bigger stuff lately. Simpler is better.

Which skaters do you enjoy watching at the moment?
Marc Moreno has been a favourite, along with Sizemore and Luke Naylor from Detroit. I’m also really digging Howie Bennett and Cody Lampman‘s stuff too. Travis Rhodes is another one. Oh, and the homie Dave Lang is always killing shit. So fun to watch. Dude is a monster.

Anything else in the works you can tell us about?
I have a wheel for Haunted coming out.

Wow! That’s a pretty big deal. I love how you didn’t actually mention that until asked! Anything else?
People need to have fun with skating, however that may be. That shit is contagious. That’s about it really.

Any shout outs?
All my friends, family, Chris Gerard for the photos, SSM, GC, Haunted, Modern, and John and Mariella for letting me crash here in LA.

Photos: Matt Osantoski and Chris Gerard.

Watch more videos of Brian Weis HERE.

Phone box to wall ride 180 out

Phone box to wall ride 180 out


Big backside...not his

Big backside…not his

Roll to topside pornstar

Roll to topside pornstar

Styling out the makio

Styling out the makio





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