Wheel Scene: You have had some pretty serious injuries in the last 12 months. Can you tell us what exactly you damaged and how it happened?
Nick Lomax: I have had a ongoing problem with my ankle, it’s torn ligaments inside, but I’m too keen to skate all the time and never let my injuries heal before I skate again. When I couldn’t walk, I was still skating, solo with one foot. (Laughs)

“I thought my leg was hanging off, or my foot.”

There was also a pretty scary moment at Winterclash this year when your skate just snapped off your foot. A lot of people thought you had broken your leg for a brief moment. What was going through your mind when that happened?
The same feeling as everyone! I thought my leg was hanging off, or my foot. Basically, I thought I was fucked until I noticed it was just the skate, then I had to worry about the 300 people looking at the broken prototype.

You’re luck finally seems to have turned around. You have released some killer edits this year and just received your third pro model for USD. How did you feel when you found out you were getting another skate?
It feels awesome every time! When I found out I was real happy because I have been waiting in line for a long time, and also a little nervous as I will have to sell them all! (Laughs)

How is life in Barcelona treating you? What does your daily routine consist of?
It’s the best life. Every day is different, with different people. I wake up at 10am, which is 9am in England, so 10am is all good. I have breakfast, by then I will have enough messages to plan the day, then I’m home at 8-9pm with a ton of clips! Not just of me, but of everyone.

What are the main cultural differences you have noticed between Spain and England?
All of them! But the main thing I noticed; people don’t wanna fight here, or cause any shit for no reason, just to be the big man. People here are nice, happy and relaxed, which is already so different to Bolton!

How long do you think you will live out there for?
I have no plans to move. As long as my legs keep my euros coming in, then I’m safe.

Earlier this year, you poked a little fun at Sean Kelso. It quickly escalated, but you just seemed to be having a bit of banter and he took it to a very personal level. On reflection, what do you think about the whole situation?
I said “Dry your eyes, mate” and some people can’t seem to handle that, especially people that don’t have a clue anyway. They just read way too much on the internet and assume they know it all. The truth is, I saw a lot of hate on my really good friend Oli Benet, which I didn’t think was fair. so my post wasn’t just to SK on Facebook; it was to all the internet heroes talking shit on my mate. Anyway, who gives a shit? I always speak my mind and sometimes it gets me in trouble. (Laughs)

“Sponsors want the most productive skaters and I would too, if I ran a company!”

What do you say to people who claim it’s not possible to be a pro skater anymore? As someone who blades full-time, is it possible to survive financially?
Staying productive is the key. Some professionals forget that and assume their name will make the money, but unfortunately not any more. Sponsors want the most productive skaters and I would too, if I ran a company!

You have won numerous contests, received three pro skates and various pro wheels. I know you have said you would love to win Winterclash. Is there anything else you are determined to achieve with the rest of your blading career?
I’m more determined than ever to just film! I want to make new videos of me and my friends. keep the ball rolling and edits coming in. I’m determined to not let that stop!

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Nick Lomax – Wheel Scene Profile from Wheel Scene on Vimeo.



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