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Wheel Scene is proud to present Scott Quinn’s first full street section in…forever!

Sure, he had a section in the last Razors team video, Children of the Future, but that part was only a minute and a half long and didn’t show a fraction of his varied and seemingly limitless skills. Hell, we aren’t even convinced that this profile shows the full extent of what Quinny is capable of, but it will have to do for now.

Wheel Scene would like to give huge thanks to Anthony Medina for piecing all the clips together and making them look pretty, as well asĀ Scott Riddles and Andy Mills for contributing some great footage and filming several second angles – you guys are the best.

Here is some fun trivia regarding the edit:

1. Quinny wears five pairs of skates in his profile – SL Aragon 5, Fabio Enes Cult, SL Jeph Howard, SL1 and SL Aragon 6,
2. The five-panel cap you see him wearing in some of the clips is a DC USA cap. Skateboarding clothing? Controversial!
3. Two of the clips were filmed on the Wyndford Estate in Maryhill – one of the most notorious council estates in Glasgow – which has a history of gang-related violence and drugs. We neglected to mention this to him at the time.
4. While filming this edit, Quinny sustained bruised heels (twice), fractured ribs, and a very bad case of bacon arm when he took the X-grind bail you see in the edit.
5. During one of the filming missions, Quinny souled a handrail that went off the end of 15-foot roof drop about 20 times, but kept getting robbed on the roll away due to a horrible landing surface. Now that he’s rocking a massive anti-rocker set-up, we are trying to renegotiate a rematch.
6. At a sketchy kink rail spot in the bleak Springburn area of Glasgow, Quinny was threatened by a group of menacing primary school girls using language that would make a sailor blush. There are few things funnier than watching a grown man being intimated by the council estate version of the Powerpuff Girls.
7. Three of the spots in this video no longer exist. In fact, two of them have been fully demolished.

Watch more Scott Quinn videos HERE.

Scott Quinn – Wheel Scene Profile from Wheel Scene on Vimeo.



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