This is what trouble looks like.

This is what trouble looks like.

One of blading’s most rugged characters offers an insight into his section in The 666 Series, discusses his boss’s explosive part and hints at what else we can expect from him this year.

Wheel Scene has teamed up with Shima Skate Manufacturing to present the second instalment of The 666 Series and we could not be more excited that we hopped onboard in time to sponsor Joey Chase’s part. The Florida native is rollerblading’s answer to Ozzy Osbourne; creative, raw and with just the right amount of crazy. He has established a solid reputation throughout the world as a fearless stuntman with an artistic flair, helped largely by incredible sections in Shadowed From Society, Orange, The Nimh Team Video, Sleaze and most recently The Ground Control Team Video and Fester. Plus, he is probably the only blader who has taken a shit in a trash can on camera. Don’t quote us on that last part.

The age old saying “if you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough” most certainly does not apply to Joey Chase. Sure, he is one of the biggest bruisers in blading at the moment. He can take a repeated beating and pick himself up relentlessly until he achieves his chosen task. Plus, it is no mistake that he favours vertigo inducing drop rails, mammoth disaster grinds and anything that offers borderline insane risk factors, but there is a lot more to the southern psycho than first meets the eye.

Chase is not only a co-owner of Fester Wheels, he also owns shares in SSM. In addition to filming a significant portion of The 666 Series to date, he acts as the team manager, constantly liaising with the independent boot company’s riders in order to ensure they are looked after and have everything they need. He is also extremely active in product development and is currently working on a few interesting projects.

Wallride 180

Wallride 180

There are many reasons to get excited about Chase’s imminent section in The 666 Series. It is his first full section since his pro skate edit dropped over a year ago, which was wild, so that alone is cause for celebration. He is the master of death torques – torque slides on obstacles that no sane person would think about trying them on – so there will probably be one in his section somewhere. Plus, he has to follow Brian Shima’s wheelchair resulting roof drop extravaganza, so you know he going to come out guns blading.

The SSM, Fester and Ground Control professional took time out of his hectic schedule leading up to the release of his latest section to answer a few questions about working on The 666 Series so far, his subsequent video parts set for release later this year and a few other things.

Wheel Scene: You seem to be keeping a low profile at the moment. What have you been up to lately?
Joey Chase: I have just been skating, travelling and working on my new section.

How did filming go for your section in The 666 Series?
Filming went well! I spent a good amount of time out in Oakland to get mine and Brian’s sections underway.

Have you sustained any injuries during the filming process?
There was nothing too serious, just the normal road rash and painful showers.

Did anything interesting happen while you were out filming?
Erm, let’s see… I fell through a roof. (laughs)

Ouch! I understand that, in addition to owning part of Fester, you now also own part of SSM, is that right?
Yeah, I own shares in the company.

What business aspects are you responsible for when it comes to SSM?
I’m the team manager. This helps Brian and Ashley concentrate more on the business side of things.

Kinky alley-oop top acid

Kinky alley-oop top acid

How was the reaction to the Shima’s 666 section? Did you guys get a lot of downloads?
We got a good amount of downloads! The reaction was good, man, which is no surprise considering how gnarly that part was! He full ripped it all the way into a wheelchair; that’s dedication!

Are you still living in Florida at the moment?
Yeah, I’m in the swamp at the moment.

What are your plans for the rest of the year?
I just plan to keep travelling, filming and putting out some more stuff for all the bladers who like what I do.

After your section in The 666 Series drops, are you filming for any other projects?
Yeah. I will be working on more SSM stuff, as well as GC and Fester projects.

Can we expect any new Fester products this year?
Yeah. We are actually gonna sit down and go over a lot of things we plan to do this year, so be on the lookout!

You and your brother Sammy both have a pretty rugged approach to blading. Where do you think you guys get that from?
(laughs) I don’t really know where we got it from. We had each other to feed off of growing up and we looked up to people who had the raunchy blade style. Also, we were pretty rowdy little dudes even before we were introduced to the blades. It was cool for us to grow up together with the same interest instead of most people you see that aren’t that close with their siblings.

What are your parents like? Something tells me they must be pretty strong characters!
Yeah. My mom would take us to this skatepark called Badlands every day when we first started blading. She has always been really supportive of our skating. My dad panics more than my mom does when he sees the stuff we do. (laughs)

Which skaters do you enjoy watching at the moment?
There are so many good things happening in blading these days. I enjoy it all, man!

Watch more Joey Chase videos HERE.

Photos: David Johns

Topsoul to roll in

Topsoul to roll in

Top acid

Top acid





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