Kansas City’s finest blading export Alex Broskow discusses Gatorbladers, wearing Franky Morales’ skates at the ASA World Finals and the incident that caused the legendary chip in his front teeth.

Alex Broskow started rollerblading 20 years ago and it most certainly shows. He emerged as one of the frontrunners of the breakneck tech generation, executing intricate grind combinations on terrifying obstacles that guaranteed dire consequences if his skates didn’t lock perfectly in their respective positions. He made a name for himself by producing monumental sections in various Adam Johnson videos, jaw dropping stunts in Brandon Negrete’s Noir and a part in 4×4’s Leading the Blind that is still impossibly progressive by today’s standards. However, he was also known for taking some serious beatings in the process, and it was a rational fear that his almost cavalier approach to potentially fatal stunts could easily cut short the career of one of the greatest bladers of all time.

However, a few years back, Broskow indicated a possible shift in tactics with his approach to blading. The change seemed to take place around 2006 with the release of Brandon Negrete’s The Meantime. Instead of looking for the biggest obstacles, the most absurd stunts and the scariest rail transfers, Broskow was skating obstacles that most bladers wouldn’t even look twice at and favouring clever, technical lines over first try or die feats. Many worried that Broskow had gone soft, but those with a shred of foresight could see that he was simply mixing things up to keep it interesting from a personal perspective. Since that time he has featured in several more Adam Johnson digiflicks, five timeless Valo sections and a host of spectacular online edits that all centre on the same idea; make the seemingly impossible a reality.

Over the past ten years, Alex Broskow has done a very convincing job of making the whole world feel as if there is nothing he cannot do on inline skates if he sets his mind to it. He has proved that he can step up to plate and lay down one of a kind hammers, he had dominated handrails all over the globe, and in recent years he has proved that his switch tricks are stronger than most of his contemporaries’ naturals and his precision control is second to none. With a sure to be awe inspiring Vibralux section set to be released any day now, we caught up with the Kansas City legend to find out how his journey on blades began.

Photo by Sam DeAngelis

Photo by Sam DeAngelis

Wheel Scene: First time you saw someone blading:
Alex Broskow: I’m not really sure when the first time I saw someone skating was, but the first time I heard about people doing tricks on skates I was eight. A buddy that owned a skateboard shop told me people were doing grinds and stuff. That night I begged my parents for real skates.

First pair of skates:
My first pair of real skates were women’s Rollerblade TRS Lightings, bought at a skateboard shop.

First trick you learned:
Frontside. This should be everyone’s first.

First skater you looked up to:
Arlo (Eisenberg) then it was Roadhouse (Randy Spizer) and Matty (Mantz).

First magazine you read:
Daily Bread #2.

First video you watched:
I didn’t know skate videos existed for a while. The first was The Bottom Line then Hoax 1 and 2. I rented them from our skate shop, Rollersport. The first video I bought was Mad Beef.

First section you filmed:
Victims of Obsession by Adam Johnson. I was 12-13 years old.

Backside fast slide - Photo by Sam DeAngelis

Backside fast slide – Photo by Sam DeAngelis

First pro model:
The first skate product that had my name on it was my Senate wheel – talk about surreal. Growing up, Senate was the skate company of all skate companies.

First competition:
The first contest I ever skated in I was almost ten – it was at Rollersport. The top ten qualified for a team called Gatorbladers. It was sponsored by Gatorade and the team did demos at grocery stores in the Kansas City area. I qualified as an alternate and I skated in every demo.

First international competition:
The 2000 ASA Amateur World Finals in Las Vegas. I got third wearing the same skates that Franky won in the year before. I always thought that was cool.

First event you won:
A local KC comp in ’98. I won on my 13th birthday. I felt like I was Aaron Feinberg. It was supposed to be an ASA qualifier but I don’t remember if it actually was.

First major injury:
I chipped my front tooth when I was ten. I stuck on a frontside then slammed my mouth on the ground. I broke my leg when I was 16 at Clearwater Skatepark in Florida – that was major.

First time blading got you in trouble:
The first day I ever did a grind, 20 years ago. I’ve been in trouble ever since.



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