Back in 2011, Jonas Hansson released what is arguably one of the most beautifully shot rollerblading videos to ever emerge from Europe, if not the world. Traitement captured the essence of blading; searching through fascinating urban landscapes, looking down every street, in order to find obstacles to get creative on. It also managed to show the bond that exists between the various individuals within the video and displayed how a shared passion can bring people from all over the world together with a common goal.

It has been two years since Traitement was release and, in that time, we have contacted Hansson on various occasions to conduct an interview, but he felt it wasn’t the right time as he didn’t have any new material to show the world. Well, this month, the talented filmmaker got in touch to advise that he had nearly completed a full street section with Denmark’s biggest blading star Jacob Juul. He asked if we would be interested in getting involved with the project and to say we were extremely excited would be quite the understatement.

When the finished video arrived in our inbox, we were blown away. As always, Juul comes through with exceptional tricks on big rails, gaps and various obscure objects that he stumbles across. He also skates some obstacles that the majority of skaters wouldn’t go near if you paid them. In conjunction with the release of Jacob Juul’s Wheel Scene Video Profile, we decided to take some time with the man behind the lens to find out more about what he has been doing recently, the trials and tribulations of making the edit, and what the hell happened with that scary three-part kink drop rail at the start.

Wheel Scene: What have you been doing with yourself since the release of Traitement?
Jonas Hansson: I took some time off from shooting. Making Traitement was a great experience, but a project of this magnitude takes up a lot, if not all, of your time, and I felt it would be good to do other things for a change. I can’t go into details at this time, but for a while I was working hard on making a large scale project happen, this ultimately failed to materialise. That’s a part of life, the right people will know of which project I speak. Moving on, working, family, enjoying skating myself, drawing and other video project here and there have all kept me busy since the release.

TRAITEMENT from Jonas Hansson on Vimeo.

Are you happy with how it turned out? Have you watched it much since?
I probably watch it a couple of times a year. It’s fun to see it every now and then. Yeah, still happy with how it turned out – don’t think that’ll ever change. I put a lot of myself into it and I’m glad I took the chance.


Tell us about working on your new edit with Jacob Juul. How long did it take to film?
Well, Jacob and I go way back and we both felt like working on something before the weather turns ugly, so it was only natural to join forces again. I guess we shot the first new clip for the edit about two months ago. A few of the clips have been used in other projects than my own, but I wanted to use the material myself in a new context – shouldn’t hurt nobody!

Jacob Juul – Wheel Scene Profile from Wheel Scene on Vimeo.

Did you have any problems while making the edit?
Not really, this was a relatively quick edit to make, at least from my perspective. Despite the falls, Jacob never got hurt badly, so no real down time. Shooting with him is always a breeze and we were fortunate enough to get three or four clips a day on more than one occasion. This time I took a more linear approach to the editing face. I usually like to wait with editing until I have 90% or more of the material logged for a certain project. With this I did a little editing after every shoot, while Jacob shared his two cents along the way.

What happened with the kink rail at the start of the edit? Did Jacob give up on it?
Jacob’s initial idea was to topsoul transfer over the kink – that proved to be too far/difficult. Next thought was grinding all three sections, this didn’t go to well. As you’ll witness in the video, the first time his foot gets caught up and he slams to the staircase. We quickly realise this approach is doomed to fail, so a change in tactics is needed again. After a couple of attempts at gapping out, steering away from that nasty kink, Jacob is getting pretty frustrated and in his frustration he tries to do the whole rail again – that might have been a bad choice. It definitely scared me for a second. Sometimes it’s better to walk away while you can, especially on day one of shooting.

Topside torque soul

Topside torque soul

Do you have any other projects you are working on?
I’m working on getting a new camera, hopefully this will lead to other projects. I wish to continue doing what I love and shooting blading is definitely no exception.

Brandon Negrete recently passed away. How big an influence were his videos on you?
Noir had a tremendous influence on me. That video was my biggest inspiration while making Flygt. All his videos have his fingerprints all over them, a true artist. It’s very sad to lose such a talented and influential guy like Brandon – my sincere condolences to his family and friends. What can I say? Terrible. I will say this; his legacy won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Brandon created more successful videos with artistic integrity than anyone I can think of in blading. He worked with great skaters and made them shine even greater. I will forever love his work. RIP.

Photos: Felix Strosetzki





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