Artist: Rustie
Album: Glass Swords
Label: Warp

Glaswegian producer Rustie follows his Warp debut, last year’s Sunburst EP with an album that crams in numerous musical elements and influences, hurling them at the listener in sensory-overloading fashion.

Euphoric synth stabs and trance-style riffs shoot over lurching, stuttering drums, chipmunk vocals and guitar squalls ride buzzing and slapped-out basslines as techno, rave, R&B, 2-step garage, eighties funk and even prog rock collide into an un-definable mass of riotous digital sound; imagine a Buckfast-laden lorry crashing and spilling its sticky, alcoholic cargo into a sweetshop’s vibrant candy-stacked shelves to get a seemingly perfect visualisation of the heart-speeding, caffeinated rush that is Glass Swords.

At first disorientating, repeated plays allow the ears to properly peel apart the overlapping layers of highlights such as ‘Surph’, ‘Hover Traps’, ‘Ultra Thizz’ and ‘All Nite’ and it becomes easier to appreciate the joys of this thrilling release.
(Colin Chapman)

Rating: 4/ 5



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